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Are you an influencer?  A blogger or business that promotes a product centered around living a healthy and happy lifestyle? Do you promote clean eating, exercise, or self-improvement? Do you promote Sugar-Free (unrefined sugar) recipes? vegan or vegetarian recipes? Are you a coach/ therapist looking for supplemental material to help your clients breakthrough their eating struggles?

If you said YES to any of these, then I think our Brands align with each other, and I would love to collaborate with you.  

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I created The I Kicked Sugar Course to radically reconstruct one's life painlessly and effortlessly, quickly changing their relationship with food while finally kicking sugar out of their life for good.  In this self-paced 10-module downloadable Course packed with scientifically backed strategies, one simple secret step and real talk from a recovered sugar addict (that's me), anyone can gain freedom and control over their eating habits and start living the healthy, happy life they deserve. 

I'm dedicated to referring my followers and customers to brands that promote a healthy lifestyle through their products or info like, wholesome, nutritious, Sugar-Free (unrefined sugar) recipes and foods that focus on a plant-based diet (I've been vegetarian for 27 years). I strive to collaborate with brands that I personally would use and can recommend with 100% confidence to my fantastic community. 

The I Kicked Sugar Course is NOT a diet, nor do I promote any meal plans in my Course. In fact, in my Bonus Guide, I refer my customers to other Brands/Companies that can help them create their new lifestyle, for instance, meditation programs, exercise programs, meal programs, etc.(that could be you). 

My number one goal with the affiliate program is to create a community where partnerships can flourish, and brands can support each other and financially benefit from each other all while providing more options for our customers and followers.  Helping to change peoples lives for the better one by one. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at joyce@ikickedsugar.com 

If you're ready to get started promoting the, I Kicked Sugar Course through your emails, blogs, and social media accounts, simply fill out the affiliate application below. It's super easy, and as soon as I receive it, I will get you approved and set you up to start shouting out the word about this groundbreaking life-changing course!

Once you submit your registration and are approved, you will receive an email providing you with a link to your account with your own dashboard and link for tracking. You 'll also have access to images for promotional use and promo codes. 


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