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and you can too ! 

The only course you’ll ever need

to give sugar the boot for good.

Gain freedom from sugar with this unique, breakout course that will transform your life painlessly and effortlessly with real talk from a recovered sugar addict.

 need to kick sugar for health reasons.

Has your doctor been on your case to lose weight and told you that you need to change your diet and lifestyle?

Do you find yourself on multiple medications to control chronic conditions?

Do you find yourself struggling with depression and anxiety?


If any of this sounds like you, I want you to know you are not alone.

           ur society now sits in the midst of a massive obesity and type two diabetes epidemic all created by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.  A high sugar diet is strongly correlated with a plethora of health issues, not only type two diabetes but heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure, certain cancers, stress and depression. It’s time for us all to WAKE UP and see what we are allowing to happen.

We are sicker than ever. Our children are the first generation that will die younger than their parents did. It’s been proven over and over by experts, doctors, and researchers in the field that excess processed sugar is toxic and detrimental to our mental and physical health.

If you’re like me you’ve tried kicking sugar a thousand times without success. I have tormented myself with self-abusive language in my head for my entire life. As the years went on that voice grew stronger and louder.

I heard it every day. It NEVER stopped for me. That horrible voice in my head kept nagging me, degrading me, and beating me up. Those thoughts held me hostage. I was in hell for countless years. Because of the thousands of times I tried to quit and failed,  I firmly believed I just didn’t have it in me.





Tried to kick sugar from your life and failed countless times?

Reached for sugar to make yourself feel better?

Felt guilty and beat yourself up about the amounts of sugar you consume?

Gone out with friends to celebrate an occasion or holiday without eating dessert?

Hid or lied about the amount of sugar you eat?

Thought about sugar even when you’re not hungry?

Gone through the day without reaching for a soft drink, energy drink or putting some sugar in your coffee?

Noticed you start crashing at 3 pm and reached for some kind of sugar to pick you up?

I felt so alone and that there was no hope.


hat if I was to tell you that your sugar addiction wasn’t your fault?  That ever since you were born your brain has been intentionally hacked by marketing, media, and the highly commercialized food industry. They’ve  

all capitalized on understanding the physiology of your brain and how your brain reacts to sugar which triggers addiction in you…for profit.

We buy into the stories and believe the lies. Throughout our life our family, friends and even our own thoughts and behaviors begin to reinforce the messages that have been constantly bombarding our psyche since birth. “Sugar is comfort, sugar is soothing, sugar is fun, sugar is a feel good.” We are conditioned into believing that sugar equals a happy, feel good life, filled with family memories, holidays, happy birthdays and even love, “Give me some sugar” or  “Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love.”

ARE you...

       Are you tired of living Groundhog Day… repeating the same self-abusive

message loop over and over in your mind?

       Are you sick of breaking your word to yourself day in and day out?

       Are you exhausted of declaring you’re finally gonna lose the weight, get

in shape and get your health back with no success?

       Are you ready to change your life for good?

Hey !


and I am the creator of

the I Kicked Sugar course.


ho am I? Well, first and foremost, I’m a sugar addict who’s been sugar free for over 3 years. As a recovered sugar

addict, I know the biggest problem for someone wanting to kick sugar out of their life who hasn’t been able to. There’s so much information available to you on health and diet that it’s overwhelming to make sense of it all. There are so many systems set up to make you fail. From programs that tell you to wean off the white stuff…to being told to go cold turkey and just use willpower.


ith I Kicked Sugar there are no calories to count or meal plans to follow. It’s not about giving up, deprivation or denial. It’s about ABUNDANCE. This is not just about living longer but about living better.

The I Kicked Sugar Course will radically reconstruct your life painlessly and effortlessly, quickly changing your relationship with food while finally kicking sugar out of your life for good.

I’ve done all the necessary research and gathered all the best tips and advice from the experts in the field and put it all in one place for you. With more than 17 years of personal experience from doing my own research, diving into stacks of medical journals, reading books by leading experts in the field of functional medicine, taking courses on nutrition and anatomy, and studying and doing the work myself, I’ve uncovered the dark, dirty world of sugar and broken the code to being free from its clutches for good.


in the




Access to powerful, simple-to-understand research

Education about what sugar is and what it does in our bodies and to our brains

Learn how we have become conditioned to eat sugar

Mindset shifts that will reduce and finally eliminate your dependence on sugar

Learn how to program a natural eating pattern

Discover the ways to say no to sugar, even when others are eating it

Strategies for living a binge-free, urge-free, frustration-free life, now and in the future

Sugar NEVER has to

haunt you again.

When you take the I Kicked Sugar course, 

you’ll learn the Secret that

has changed my entire life.

How to recognize sugar addiction

What it does to your body

Foods to eat to avoid triggering your sugar sensitivity or addiction

The secret mindset shift that will set you free

Foods to avoid if you want to remain happy, healthy and binge-less


I'm building a community and I want you.



     Kicked Sugar isn’t just a course. I’m building a community and I want you. You’ll be able to join the conversation and be a part of the I Kicked Sugar group on Facebook. It’s a safe space I’ll create to connect with other members like you who’ve taken the course. There we will discuss important topics from the course and how it all relates in your life.

Commit, and you’ll finally have all the tools you need to make change, ditch your abusive relationship with yourself, and live a full, healthy, joyful life once and for all. Trust me, all you have to do is make the decision.


A sugar-free happy life

is really, truly waiting for you.


This course is for anyone who is finally ready to give up sugar and take back their power to live their fullest, healthiest, happiest life.

People who are just plain sick of the rollercoaster and want off TODAY.

Is that you?

Glad to hear it.

If you’re ready to kick sugar for good and live the powerful, praiseworthy life you deserve, you’re ready for the I KICKED SUGAR course.

I’m hard at work putting the

final touches on the course and

it WILL be ready very soon.

Joining the the I Kicked Sugar Community is as easy as 1... 2... 3. Just enter your

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Start your journey today!

In the meantime I’ll send you updates about the launch date as well as my  free email jump start course full of resources so you can begin preparing yourself immediately.

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