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Healthy Homemade S'Mores

Summer often means camping, backyard barbeques, and beach days!

Everyone loves having fun in the sun during the day and gathering 'round the fire pit at night, especially for some S'MORES!

But did you know one traditional S'more contains 19 grams of sugar! (And, let's be honest, nobody eats just one!)

Let's explore the ingredients in a traditional S'more!

The Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are made with enriched wheat flour, whole grain wheat flour, sugar, canola or palm oil, baking soda, and salt.

The main problem with graham crackers is that they are high in sugar (7 grams) and low in fiber (1 gram).

Fiber is essential for our bodies because it helps lower high blood pressure, balances cholesterol levels, prevents blood sugar spikes, and provides the body with protection against many diseases.

A delicious and nutritious replacement for graham crackers could be apple slices, which are low-calorie and high in fiber and water, leaving you feeling full.

The Marshmallow

Traditional marshmallows are made purely from sugar (corn syrup, sugar, dextrose) and gelatin. One serving size has 17 grams of Ultra Processed Sugar.

They provide NO health benefits.

A better choice for marshmallows is the Choczero marshmallows, made from monk fruit, which is a healthy substitute for cane sugar.

The Chocolate

Hershey's chocolate is made of sugar, milk, chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, PGPR, and natural flavoring.

Soy lecithin and PGPR are both additives that should be avoided!

PGPR stands for polyglycerol polyricinoleate, a goopy yellowish liquid made from castor beans. It is a cheaper alternative to cocoa butter and also acts as an emulsifier.

Big food is notorious for replacing natural raw ingredients with cheaper additives to cut costs and boost profits! - make sure you're always reading the ingredients!

In addition, Hershey's Chocolate contains a secret ingredient - butyric acid, which is part of the natural flavoring.

Butyric acid can cause bloating or a sensitive gut. Research also says that it may cause harm to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate because it contains less sugar and more cocoa, which reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol.

But not all chocolate brands are created equal.

Another critical thing to look for when purchasing chocolate is that the brand is certified "fair-trade."

Fair trade means that the farmers producing cocoa beans and sugar are fairly paid and are treated ethically. Other than ensuring workers aren't exploited, it also protects against notorious slave and child labor, which is historically synonymous with the cocoa and sugar farming industries.

One of my favorite brands is HU chocolate. Their chocolate is made with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar!

Check out their dark chocolate ingredient list below. All natural, raw ingredients!

Organic fair-trade cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar, organic fair-trade cocoa butter.

Another excellent alternative is Choczero squares, which are sweetened with Monk Fruit and contain no added sugars and no sugar alcohols. Use Promo Code: IKICKEDSUGAR and get 10% OFF your order.

These apple s'mores are a healthy alternative to classic s'mores.

Instead of using traditional graham crackers, also loaded with sugar, the gooey sugar-free toasted marshmallow and melted sugar-free dark chocolate with almond bites get sandwiched between two Granny Smith apple slices.

So this summer, if you want to enjoy a roasted marshmallow or campfire treat, try a zero to low-sugar, high-fiber alternative that is sure to be just as delicious and GUARANTEED to be better for you!

Written by Melissa Slocum, IKS Ambassador and Team Member.

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