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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Often, the term 'keto' is thought to be synonymous with 'sugar-free' and 'healthy,' but BEWARE, just like other ultra-processed foods, you want to read the entire label to check the ingredients!

Most Ketogenic diet guidelines recommend you stay between 15 - 30g of net carbohydrates per day or 5-10% of total calories.

Net Carbohydrates = Total Carbohydrates - fiber - sugar alcohols.

Do NOT fall for the marketing labels slapped on the front of the packaging, designed to lure you in.

Notice that the third ingredient is ENRICHED wheat flour.

The term 'ENRICHED' sounds like a great thing - adding in vitamins and nutrients.

However, processing the WHOLE WHEAT flour (which would naturally be better for you) actually REMOVES 20 essential nutrients, and ONLY 5 are added to the finished product.

These 5 nutrients (iron, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, & folic acid) are often created in labs rather than found in nature.

Consuming enriched flour products is like eating PURE SUGAR and popping a multivitamin!

This bread also contains MODIFIED WHEAT STARCH.

The word 'MODIFIED' should send up a red flag! This means food scientists can alter it from its natural state.

Modified starch is likely to have been treated with things like sulfuric acid, chlorine, or other chemicals that are unsafe for consumption.

Notice this keto 'friendly' bread CONTAINS SUGAR which accounts for the 2 grams of sugar.

One serving of this bread has 18 total carbohydrates. However, the front label is designed to confuse the consumer as it advertises it has 6 Net Carbs, and at first glance, you might think that's one serving. The front label also says 45 Calories. Remember always to read the nutrition label to see what a serving size is, not what is advertised on the front label.

It is also sweetened with REB A, derived from the stevia leaf. While this can be a healthier alternative to ultra-processed sugar and is considered Keto friendly, always remember to pay attention to whether or not eating this sweetener also brings on cravings for you.

Another thing to look out for is CELLULOSE - a cheap ingredient made from wood pulp used to increase the fiber content and make the food more filling. Can you say YUCKY?

Finally, we see a list of additives and preservatives that are NOT REAL FOOD!

Remember the rule: If you don't know what the ingredient is, don't eat it!

Stick with products that contain REAL, WHOLE foods and minimal to no processing.

When it comes to grains, look for sprouted, whole grains to fill up on nutrient-rich food! Ezekiel bread is a GREAT option!

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