• Joyce Laszloffy

Self-Care Following your souls calling

If you're active in the FREE Facebook group you might have seen that last month your Ambassador Tammy took two weeks off for a self-care sabbatical.

I will be sharing with you now in a Three Part Blog Post her message before and after her time away as there are many deep, soulful, inspiring lessons for all of us. In fact, it was Tammy who inspired me to do something similar for my own self-care that I’ll share with you in part three.

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"Hey, IKS Tribe!

I'm so impressed with the engagement and progress many of you are making in the #90DayIKSJan21 Challenge. I've been loving your vision boards, grocery carts, courageous journaling and shares, and how you're showing up for yourselves while supporting one another. Keep it up!

A little reminder: No matter what you're feeling in the moment or what excuses (lies) you might tell yourself for why a task isn't important or necessary or why you don't need to do the course "exactly" the way it's laid out, don't sell yourself short by skipping ANYTHING....not a single instruction....they're there for a reason and you paid good money to get wisdom and guidance from someone who knows what she's talking about because YOU didn't know what to do to help yourself.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you experience is your teacher if you're open to exploring. Even your resistance. Especially your fear. Remember, your FEELINGS CAN'T HURT YOU.

They're just feelings; energy conjured from within. If you're feeling uncomfortable, good! Apathy, comfort, and familiarity are growth killers. You can't kick sugar without being willing to do something different than you've been doing until now.

Your discomfort is a gift. Don't turn away. Pay attention and embrace it. It's waking you up out of your sugar coma and means you're about to learn or experience something you haven't been ready to open to until now. Your soul is knocking and asking to be heard at a new level of consciousness. This is GOOD NEWS!

The ONLY thing that will hold you back from experiencing sugar freedom is your mind and the stories you tell yourself about why it's not possible for you. But YOU are in total control of your stories. If you're struggling, turn the page and write a new one!

The most critical part of our wellness journey is learning to slow our pace and put our ears down to our hearts long enough to listen deeply to what our spirit is most longing for and then being brave enough to follow. Essentially, to let our heart-pen ink a new, more authentic path across our hours and days.

In that spirit and truth, I wanted to let you know that as of January 18 I will be taking a self-care sabbatical away from social media, groups, and screens for the remainder of the month. I will not be producing content or responding to posts, emails, texts, or private messages with the exception of emergencies.

As much as I love companioning you all and am excited to see how your journeys unfold day-to-day, the story I need to write on my own life for a short season is one of quiet pause for deeper reflection, rest, and creative rejuvenation.

You are deeply and well cared for by the other amazing IKS Ambassadors Dawn, Amy, Melissa and masterfully guided by Joyce, and have as much support from this incredible group of women as you're willing to risk asking for. I LOVE knowing my presence may be valued but it is not needed in order for each one here to thrive!

The truth is, after a long season of pushing hard in every area of my life I simply need more time in nature and less in front of screens; more breathing space, playtime, and attention to the things and people most dear to me in order to ground myself wholeheartedly in whatever comes next.

Once we KNOW WHAT WE NEED it's incumbent upon us to do whatever it takes to honor our Soul's Calling lest we lose a little more of our authentic Self, vital energy, and overall health day by day. Listen to the whispers in your own Body and Soul and enthusiastically, without apology, follow where they lead!

I'll see you again soon. Big Love,


I hope Tammy's message inspires you to take some time now and see where you might need to take a pause in your life and where you can add some self-care into your days. This is a perfect time to sit down with your journal and explore what your heart is aching for.


"Happy February, IKS sisters.....I'm baaack!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful affirmations and support of my taking a little social media and screen-time hiatus the last half of January in order to reboot, refresh, and reevaluate my priorities.

I highly recommend it if you're feeling burned out in ANY way! 2020 was enough to drain the life out of the best of us but it's no excuse for throwing self-care out the window. In fact, because of what the past year required of us on every level it's even more imperative that we set strong boundaries on what we're pouring out and even greater intention on what we're consuming in every way. If we want to feel stronger, healthier, and more alive at the end of 2021 than we do right now we have to DESIGN our days, CREATE our habits, and BRING the joy to each moment.

No matter what happened last year, our current personal circumstances, or what's going on in the world around us, it's up to each of us to continually self-assess our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational energy and to course-correct as SOON as we realize we're veering even a little bit into a space of drain, inattention, fatigue, numbing out, poor habits, or just going through the motions of our days without vitality, purpose, peace, or joy. No one is going to invite you to "take a break" or "do less"'s YOUR responsibility to be the guardian of your own boundaries, energy, vision, health, and loving self-care no matter what it takes to do so!

In case you need a little encouragement to set your intentions toward greater self-love this month...I mean, it is LOVE month, so who better to start with than YOU...I thought I'd share a few pics of how I took time away to fill my own well and reset my soul-compass toward True North.

I had a FABULOUSLY restorative time and not a single day entailed being on my computer, watching a TV, looking at my phone, scrolling social media, listening to the news, or looking to see what others were up to!