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The Havocs Of Sugar

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

You probably are already aware that sugar plays havoc on your body and brain, and nothing is natural or good about it. Have you ever said to yourself I will just eat this one little bowl of ice cream only to punish yourself later for eating the entire pint? What makes you do that? Why were you even giving yourself a limit, to begin with? Why were you trying to restrain your portions? Was it because you knew if you ate that entire pint of ice cream, like you had so many times before, that you would feel awful physically and emotionally? Were you trying to manage your portion so you wouldn't despise yourself later and think you were worthless and had no control? Were you trying to avoid the feeling of all that sugar making you crash and feel full and bloated? Once you start to pay close attention, you can see clearly that the way you were conditioned to eat goes against nature. When something brings you real pleasure and peace, there is no need for restrictions, no need to monitor intake. No one ever has said, "I better watch how much I smile and laugh today." Or, "I better not take too long of a nature walk and feel the sunshine and smell the fresh air, I don't want to feel too good," "I'm having so much fun on my vacation, I better go home now." Or, "I better not have too much of this yummy, delicious beet salad." When something brings us pure joy, happiness, and contentment we don't think to ourselves we better stop because it's too good. We restrict ourselves when we know what we are doing is harmful to our body, mind, and spirit. You have these thoughts about sugar because you already know it doesn't fill you up physically or emotionally, it's not healthy for you, and you actually get no happiness from eating it. If you're READY to Kick Sugar, my Course can help you. I created The I Kicked Sugar Course to radically reconstruct one's life painlessly and effortlessly, quickly changing their relationship with food while finally kicking sugar out of their life for good.

In this self-paced 10-module downloadable Course packed with scientifically backed strategies, one simple secret step and real talk from a recovered sugar addict (that's me), anyone can gain freedom and control over their eating habits and start living the healthy, happy life they deserve.


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