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"I Kicked Sugar is an INCREDIBLE course… I recommend it to my clients… Joyce put together something that has been needed in the health world. Just stop and go get the course. It'll change your life."




 "As a practicing National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach I endorse this course wholeheartedly. Joyce’s personal experiences with sugar addiction and recovery, coupled with the knowledge she has gained over years studying nutrition and lifestyle science bring this course to life in a soulful, approachable way." 



"I Kicked Sugar is the yellow brick road out of sugar addiction...  Joyce's method of giving up sugar... has created a very needed path to help people free themselves from sugar addiction." 



"I went from life-long sugar addict to never craving the sweet stuff again, and now I want to show you how."

Joyce - Recovered Sugar Addict and Creator Of The I Kicked Sugar Course

Hey girl,

If you're like most people I talk to ...


you feel challenged constantly with making healthy food choices.

We all know we should be eating less sugar and choosing the healthier option and yet we keep making the wrong choices and don’t know how to change.

Whether you’re looking to kick your daily soda habit, morning muffin fix, or you’re ready to kick all processed sugar out for good my course can help.

Here’s why…

Diets and willpower, body shaming, popping pills and guilt don’t work!


And trying to exercise your way out of a bad diet is just insane.


Trust me I know.


I tried all these methods for years!

If all you had to do was go cold turkey to change your eating habits, we wouldn't be dealing with an obesity epidemic, and YOU wouldn't have reached for that dessert a few days after you completed your detox diet.


The real side of sugar cravings and addiction that no one ever talks about or tells you about when they're selling you the latest diet, exercise program, or diet food is the MENTAL (psychological/emotional) side of cravings.


So how did I kick my sugar cravings and stop my binge eating?


Definitely not with will-power or a special diet.

In order to take control of your cravings and unhealthy eating patterns, you need to get to the root of the problem. Your Mind!

Hi, my name’s Joyce…


I’m a recovered sugar addict.


I’ve been clean now for over 4 years.


Most of my life I was physically and mentally unhealthy.


At my heaviest I was 67 pounds overweight.


I weighed 186 pounds.


I struggled for years with my weight, high blood pressure, fatty liver, a high A1C, stomach issues, chronic sinus and yeast infections along with depression and anxiety.


And it was all due to the poor food choices I made daily.


The main culprit was sugar.


I was on 4 different medications at one time (and I wasn’t even 40 yet).


I’ve tried 5 different antidepressants and was told by doctors to face the fact, I was gonna have to be on a lot more medications as I got older.



After 17 years of doing my own research, diving into stacks of medical journals...

reading books by leading experts in the field of functional medicine, neuroscience, brain chemistry and the gut...

Taking courses on nutrition, physiology, and anatomy while studying and doing the work myself...


I gathered all the best tips and advice from the experts in the field of addiction and health and I uncovered the dark, dirty world of sugar.


But even more important... I discovered the secret to kicking sugar (that no one really talks about) which allowed me to break free from my sugar addiction, once and for all.

I went from life-long sugar addict to never craving the sweet stuff again, and now I want to show you.


In my course you will learn the exact same revelations, the exact same steps I used to kick sugar over four years ago…

Soon after I kicked sugar I realized I wasn’t alone...


so many other people suffer from sugar and food addiction and need and want help.


This sent me on a mission to create The I Kicked Sugar course, where I lay out the exact same revelations the exact same steps, I used to kick sugar over 4 years ago … and soon word got out.


I became a regular on TV and was called an expert. People wanted to know how they too could kick sugar to reclaim their health and happiness.


But it’s not just me...


Regular people – people just like you who have cut sugar out of their lives and adopted a healthy lifestyle through their food choices and exercise have had amazing results. They're reversing diseases, going off medications, experiencing weight loss, having more energy, and dramatically improving their emotional well-being.

Meet Jeanne … when she started her journey, she was 346 lbs. and suicidal. For decades she used her weight as armor against pain and abuse. In eight months Jeanne has lost over 126 lbs. and her health has improved. She's found the strength and courage to move past the pains and traumas from her past.



I know you see it..


It’s pretty hard not to turn in any direction nowadays and see the evidence that sugar and food addiction is all around us.

Right now, America is dealing with a massive obesity and type two diabetes epidemic.


More than 100 million Americans are now living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


And what’s even scarier is …. 7.2 million Americans – don’t even know they have it. 


Food addiction (overeating) is a VERY REAL thing, and the Sugar Industry is aggressively targeting your physical addiction.


The Food and Beverage Industries hire food engineers and food scientists who understand the physiology and neurology of how your brain works so they can  purposefully manipulate the food in labs to get you addicted making you crave and eat more.


BIG FOOD wants you to believe that over-eating is just a YOU problem…

and patronizingly blames you for not being strong enough or having enough self-control and willpower to limit your sugar intake.


The good news is that ending your physical addiction can happen quickly. 

In fact you've probably done this before...

Maybe you used willpower and discipline to get yourself bikini ready for that special trip, or to fit into that dress for an upcoming occasion…

or maybe you're one of the many millions of Americans who observe Lent each year giving up your favorite fast food, sugary treats or beverage.

If you have, you've probably noticed within 1-2 weeks your sugar cravings will diminish to almost nothing.

I tried to kick sugar and junk food countless times and would feel so proud of myself and always hoped and prayed this would be the time it’s gonna stick!

Until one day the pressures and stresses of my everyday life caught up with me when my willpower muscle wore out, and just like that I would snap.

Within seconds I'd be back in that battle with myself to not start shoveling it all in.

What is it ...


that’s magnetically drawing you toward those sugary treats EVEN AFTER your body is no longer hooked?

In order to answer that you have to understand the psychology of eating and cravings.

You've got to dig deep... into the mental side of addiction.

You've got to get to the root of your addiction...


to understand the real reason you're reaching for that cookie in the first place.

In my course you will learn it's not about the sugar.


It's NEVER about the sugar!

Your upbringing, family, friends, and society (media, marketing, and Big Food and Beverage) all have played a role in conditioning you to believe the lie, that you actually get happiness and comfort from eating sugary junk foods.

From this conditioning, our brains form patterns of thoughts that get hardwired over time into habits. Breaking these automatic habits is about rewiring the brain's thought patterns. 


Researchers at Duke University, state that habits account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day. 


So if that's true, and most of your habits have been unconsciously created by your upbringing and society, then it's safe to say you've been hacked.

Fortunately, science now shows, the brain has neuroplasticity. You CAN re-wire your brain and change those automatic habits.


For the last year I’ve been helping people just like you kick their sugar and junk food habit. My course is designed to completely change your relationship with food.

Listen, it’s a fact - science and research agree, a high sugar diet is strongly correlated with a plethora of health issues including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure, certain cancers, stress, depression and anxiety.


It’s been proven over and over by experts, doctors, and researchers in the field that excess processed sugar is toxic and detrimental to our mental and physical health.


Dr. Richard Jacoby, one of the country’s leading nerve surgeons and author of Sugar Crush say’s… 




For the last year I’ve been helping people just like you kick their sugar and junk food habit.

Now I want to show YOU how to do it.

My course is designed to completely change your relationship with food.

I’ve created a simple course that you do over 21 days.


If you follow my instructions and DO THE WORK, YOU TOO can be free from sugar and start living the healthy and happy life you deserve.

The bottom line is… my course works by retraining YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS SO YOU NO LONGER DESIRE SUGAR.


I Kicked Sugar is a self-paced 10 module course designed to do over 21 daysduring which,

I instruct you NOT to change anything in your diet

At the end of each module there is a review section and tasks to complete.

Diets fail for people because they never understand or get to the root of WHY they're grabbing unhealthy food in the first place.


Relying on willpower and discipline ONLY makes your cravings stronger.

During the course, you are BUILDING A FOUNDATION while bringing awareness to your life.


You'll learn the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar, the emotions, and circumstances that keep you eating and then finally the way out.

In just 21 days, YOU ARE equipped and ready to kick sugar for good!


Armed with a new identity and mindset, you no longer desire to reward, comfort, or pleasure yourself with sugar and junk food. 

Whether you're wanting to kick your soda habit, morning muffin fix, or you're ready to kick it all out for good; my course can help. 




10 core modules 

review sectionS + tasks to complete

19 TRACKS, 3 hours, 34 minutes


Instant Access. Audiobook Digital Download



So, right now you might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true” …what’s the catch?


There’s No Catch!


Because I believe this information is so powerful…


I want everyone to have access to this life changing course…


I wanna give you a copy of the audiobook version of my course for just $5.00.


Having the audiobook makes it to where you can listen wherever – whenever.


In the car, at the gym, on the go or at home.


The audiobook is the entire course (with me reading it as your guide the entire way through). It's 3 ½ hours and includes all 10 modules.


The audiobook is a marketing test I’m running for my own business.


And because the price is insanely low, I’m taking a loss on the sale.


So why would I do that?

My hope is you will listen, love what you hear and will want to do one of my coaching programs down the road.


I’m betting some of you will want to have your own accountability coach (that’s me) guiding you to make your journey to kick sugar exponentially faster and more fun.


And to be CLEAR… I don’t have a sales team that will be calling to sell you other stuff and there’s no hidden charges or “monthly payments", hooks or gimmicks of any type!


Now there’s NO EXCUSE for you to kick sugar and get healthy once and for all.


But you don't have to believe me because, I’m gonna let you prove it to yourself RISK FREE…


I’m offering you a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If for any reason you get my audiobook and decide it’s not for you, simply reach out to me and I will give you a full refund.


Instant Access. Audiobook Digital Download


This course has the power to profoundly change your life, if you do the work and allow it to. But don’t take my word for it; test it out for yourself risk-free. I offer a full 90 day money back guarantee because I know how life-changing this course is and want to remove every barrier for you to make the decision to join me today. Plus, I am confident that if you show up, go through the course, do all the tasks, along with reflections and awareness work, you can achieve your goals with this course. And I back that up with a 90-day risk-free money back guarantee.

Here’s How It Works: If at any time for any reason in 90 days you feel this course isn’t for you. Simply email and let me know and I will gladly give you a full refund.



As soon as you start the course, you’ll have access to the private Facebook Group where you’ll get support and encouragement from me, and other like-minded people in a safe and encouraging environment.


Vanessa Baker

"Hey! We are killing it with no sugar… I didn't know how much this would matter to me! My wife and I started this course and were both just blown away at how uninformed we were about the addiction we were being run by! We both have dropped pounds IMMEDIATELY and even more fun than that, we aren't at the whim of our cravings anymore. We are in control of how we want to feel. We've also gone deeper into WHY we wanted the "comfort" of sugar in the first place. HIGHLY RECOMMEND even if it had cost us 4x the price. Really powerful. Thank you so much Joyce”  - Vanessa Baker 

As an Arizona State University (ASU) student who competes on the track and field team as a discus and javelin thrower. Those “failures” take a mental toll on me.  After a long day of negative self-talk after practice, I have religiously turned to sugar as a coping mechanism. With the help of the I Kicked Sugar Course, I’ve realized that my mental health from negative self-talk is only being worsened by eating sugary foods. By choosing to not partake in eating sugar, Joyce has given me the tools to break out of my endless cycle of negativity to promote my mental health." - Haley Smith

Haley Smith

Emily Sadler

“I have struggled with food issues for a very long time. Moderation and I - we don’t even know each other! I gave up sugar for Lent and have managed to hold to it. But this is what history has shown me… I do really well for a specific amount of time and then all of a sudden I start thinking that a blueberry muffin from Starbucks isn’t really sugar… or that the syrup on my pancakes doesn’t count .... or that because there is no dairy in gelato that it is good for me. Once I ingest sugar it starts the crazy cycle of a sugar addiction... eat sugar, feel better for a little while, then feel horrible, have guilt and shame over eating it and then eat it again to make myself feel better…it sucks! Joyce has written an absolutely brilliant program to help with sugar addiction. I know for a fact that I am not the only one suffering from this." – Emily Sadler

“If you are ready to make some real changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your overall health, Joyce’s I Kicked Sugar Course is a great place to start! Joyce’s personal experiences with sugar addiction and recovery, coupled with the knowledge she has gained over years studying nutrition and lifestyle science bring this course to life in a soulful, approachable way. Each module provides on point education, helpful tips, resources, easy to follow task lists and a whole lot of emotional support to kick sugar to the curb! As a practicing National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach I endorse this Course wholeheartedly, and congratulate Joyce for sharing her passion to help others overcome their sugar addiction with empathy, education and empowerment!” 

-Toby Benton and Founder Of Scottsdale Health Coaching

Toby Benton, NBC-HWC

Jeanne Dorismond

"On July 8th, 2019, I weighed 346 lbs and was suicidal. For decades I have used my excess weight as armor against pain and abuse. Today, 8 months later, I've lost 126 lbs...this is not a "diet" but a change in every aspect of my approach to self-care and good health). The I Kicked Sugar Course started the ball rolling for me, and now there is no going back. Joyce's Course makes a point to surround yourself with community and support...Thank you, Joyce, for this great new way to approach life. I have more good health, my cellulitis has all but disappeared, my asthma HAS disappeared, I am taking walks several times per day every day, and have found the strength and courage to move forward from the pains and stress and trauma of the past. The I Kicked Sugar Course is excellent for anyone who is ready to make the commitment to a healthier and happier lifestyle."  - Jeanne G. Pocius Dorismond

“What Joyce has created is helping me go to the next level... She has set up a great way to address all the issues I had and am encountering on new levels. Really it is great for anyone, in any part of their getting healthy journey. ❤  It is really hard to answer the how for me... Joyce has broken it down perfectly. Like she say’s is a lot of mental and emotional. Hard to properly relay that, but she has done a wonderful job! ❤❤❤ ... I have fought my weight and unhealthy coping mechanisms from age 7 on... Awesome course, created by an awesome lady who understands what it is to struggle with food. While I have become quite conscious of sugars and such over last couple years, I have no doubt Joyce's course will help me hit the next level...Thank you Joyce, for being an inspiration and thank you for putting into words and a system what I could not.”

– Marsha Dale Owen

Marsha Dale Owen

Cheryl Knight

“The course is awesome and has a lot of information. I am doing the course and completing the tasks Joyce assigns. OMG Module 1 and 2 opened my eyes. Just in what I drink I’m well over 80 grams of sugar. O.K. I admit I’m addicted. I learned a lot by being aware of what I’m putting in my body. I’m in shock. I realize I’m an emotional eater and a quick convenient eater. Joyce is such an inspiration to me. Knowing that I too can overcome my health, and the self sabotage etc. So thank you for the course”  - Cheryl Knight 

“Sugar really is the culprit to all diseases and so many bad things.  Knowledge is power. Thank you Joyce. I’m excited to add this to my plethora of books in health and nutrition, and share with my clients.” ❤

- Christina Joos-Ivanhoe

Christina Joos-Ivanhoe

"I would definitely recommend the I Kicked Sugar Course for anyone who has a sugar addiction! It is SO helpful for the mind, body, and soul! I Kicked Sugar addresses all components in the modules! If you are ready to give up sugar, this is the course to help guide you on your journey! I am 48 days sugar-free and I couldn't feel happier with my decision!"  - Nicole Benedetti

Nicole Benedetti




The average American consumes 186 grams of sugar a day…


That’s about 46 teaspoons of sugar.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends you NOT EXCEED 25 grams of added sugar a day…


that’s only about 6 teaspoons.

Sugar is being added to almost every kind of food, and its addition is not always obvious.


It hides in our most common, everyday foods, even those marketed as healthy...


More than 74–80% of processed foods contain added sugars, which are disguised on food labels under more than 61 different names.


Americans are consuming 4 times the amount of added sugar than we used to, it's no wonder we're all getting obese and sick.





You’re eating more sugar and processed foods than you want to and don’t know how to stop.


​You’ve tried to kick sugar before and failed countless times – leaving you feeling weak, frustrated and beaten.


Your doctor or loved one has been on your case to lose weight and told you your diet and lifestyle have to change.


You use sugar and junk food to make yourself feel better.

You feel guilty and beat yourself up after you eat sugary foods.


You're on multiple medications to control chronic conditions.


You’ve lied to or hidden from someone the amount of sugar you've eaten.


You think about sugar and food even when you’re not hungry.


You find yourself crashing daily at 3pm and reaching for some kind of sugary food to pick you up.


You constantly have a negative voice beating you up about your food choices.


You set calorie/food restrictions on yourself only to blow right by them once you get stressed out or bored.





Wanna know what celebrities like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin and Adele, just to name a few, all have in common?


They’re all improving their health by kicking their sugar habits, Kate Hudson admits she was becoming a sugar addict, and said “That was an eye-opener for me, I realized I was craving it like an addict around 4 pm every day. I would crave something sweet and it hit me how much sugar we really eat.” 



1. You don’t need to give up sugar when you start the course... in fact I instruct you not to change anything in your diet while you go through the 21-day course. We first have to do the work to mentally prepare you, so you’re strong, ready and wanting to end your vicious sugar cycle.

2. You won’t need willpower. Willpower does not work. This is not like a sugar-detox, diet or cleanse, where you use willpower and restraint. Restraint and deprivation ONLY make cravings and desire stronger. We are getting to the root of the problem and changing your mindset. That’s where your power lies. 

3. No Judgment, guilt, shame or labels. This course is about self-acceptance and self-love.

4. There is no diet to follow or meal plans to make. You will learn to change your patterns, behaviors and habits the same way you got into this mess… through reprogramming your mind. 

5. This isn’t some crazy whackadoodle, woo woo approach. This course is based on the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar.


Instant Access. Audiobook Digital Download


I’ve been where you are. It took me practically my entire life to stop living small and realize I deserve a life full of health and happiness.

It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I finally decided to free my mind of excuses and face the real reasons I was eating sugar.

Just the thought of giving up sugar scared the hell out of me.

I believed sugar comforted me and made me feel better when I was stressed out or exhausted.

I believed sugar made every party, holiday and celebration more festive and fun…

and I really believed I just couldn’t live without it.

Sugar was my best friend. The only thing that got me. It was my safety blanket to hide under when my world was crashing in.

I get why you might be resisting the course..

Listen, you can keep making up excuses

or you can sit down… stop resisting and do what deep in your heart you want to do. 
Get the audiobook and start listening to the course.

Bottom line, whether you join the I Kicked Sugar tribe or not, I want to give you some powerful advice…

Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, I want you to ask yourself what could go right…

"What if the course works?"

"What if I really can kick sugar and junk food?"

"What if I really could have more health and happiness in my life?"

"What if I could finally be free of that negative self-talk?"

"What if this is what I’ve needed to finally break this addiction cycle?"

Our minds are powerful beyond measure. Your thoughts can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy.

It’s your choice.

If at any point while reading this you saw hope and got excited about the possibility that maybe you can kick sugar….

I encourage you to take the first step.

Trust me, it’s NEVER going to be the right time… you’re NEVER going to be fully ready to jump in.

The difference between you and all the other women I’ve helped kick sugar is they simply chose to take the first step.

I hope you truly know just how AMAZING you are and that you deserve a life full of great health and happiness.

Don’t let your life pass you by.

CLICK BELOW and Start Your Journey today!


Instant Access. Audiobook Digital Download

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