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I know what you're thinking. . .


I am not ready to stop eating sugar just yet – am I going to have to stop before I start this course?


No! During the course I actually instruct you not to make any changes in your current diet but to simply observe. The course is designed to empower you to want to make the change on your own by the end of the course and to feel great about it. Deprivation only creates stress and makes your cravings stronger which in turn makes you eat sugar. The point is for you to absorb the information in a state of mind that is positive and hopeful – so when presented with the choice to change you will easily make that decision.


How can I tell if I’m addicted to sugar?


By definition addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. Most of us easily can spot addiction in others. We see it in the movies all the time, the junkie who sticks a needle in his arm, the alcoholic who destroys her marriage because of the bottle, the young adult popping prescription drugs to get through college. The sad truth is most of us are addicted to sugar and processed foods and we just don’t know it. In the course you will learn to become aware of yourself. You'll see if your current eating patterns are having a detrimental effect on your body and mind. 

Will I have to stop eating sugar forever?

That will be totally up to you. Many people, like myself, find complete freedom from not eating sugar ever again. Others regain their control over sugar and learn to have an occasional sugary dessert without wanting more.

I tried quitting before with willpower and lasted for 3 months but then had a lapse due to a stressful time in my life and have been struggling with sugar ever since. Can your course really help me?


Yes! This course is specifically designed to give you the tools and proven techniques that you need to give you your best chance at kicking sugar once and for all in your life. Willpower does not work. I’ve tried that too. I failed countless times and I’m a very disciplined person. I teach you how to get to the root of your addiction so you understand why you believe it’s so hard to give up the white stuff and then offer you the mindset shift to easily and effortlessly make that change.



Do you address the underlying reasons why we eat sugar?


Yes. This course has you do the hard work to dig deep into your past and become aware of your triggers. As I say in the course, “It’s not about the sugar”. In addition, the course reveals and explains the two sides of addiction and how you’ve been bombarded and conditioned since birth by the food industry, marketing and media who’ve all capitalized on understanding the physiology of how your brain reacts to sugar addiction in you … for profit. 

Will I have to avoid parties and holiday family gatherings?


No! The I Kicked Sugar Course helps you overcome your subconscious desires so you can still have a social life. Instead of wanting to eat sugary desserts, you will discover you don’t want to eat them and easily and effortlessly say "No" to family and friends without feeling guilty or weird.



My eating sugar has become a habit, and I know it takes a lot of work to change a habit. Do you address this?


Absolutely! Habits are consciously learned and have since become unconscious. Your brain turns those habits into daily routines to save mental space. The great thing about the I Kicked Sugar Course is that it helps you be in control of your thoughts and become aware so you can create new healthy habits and be in control over your life.


I have a lot of guilt and shame about my binge eating  - will this course help me with that?


That was my number one reason I felt I needed to share this work. So others don't have to continue suffering the way I use to. Yes, I designed this course to specifically help free you from the guilt of eating sugar and processed foods. By changing your relationship with sugar, you will become empowered, instead of dealing with constant guilt and shame.

I need to lose weight. Can this course help me?


Yes, this course can help you lose weight if you’re above a healthy weight range. The sad truth is most Americans are overweight. If you're already at a healthy weight, but struggling with constant sugar cravings, this course will help you find peace with sugar and processed foods while releasing the need to desire them.



I’m a type 2 diabetic and on different medications to control it, can your course help me?


Yes! This course has the power to radically improve your health if you follow my instructions. People who have cut sugar out of their lives and who have adopted a healthy lifestyle through their food choices and exercise have had amazing results reversing diseases, going off medications, experiencing weight loss, having more energy as well as dramatically improving their emotional well-being.


 * The materials and content contained in this course are for general health information purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. MORE 



Giving up sugar scares the heck out of me?


Trust me I get it. I was really scared too. For most of my life it was just easier for me to bury my head in the sand about my sugar addiction. It scared the hell out of me to think about my life without it and to face what was really at the root of my cravings. But I will tell you from my own experience when I finally opened myself up to that moment of revelation, my life changed forever.


My family and friends all eat sugar and I’m scared they will make fun of me and think I’m a weirdo?


I want you to know you’re not alone. You might have heard the famous quote by Jim Rohn that went something like this, “You are the sum total of the five people you hang around with the most”. Research has proven your group of friends could be having a negative impact on your sugar consumption and ultimately your waistline and health. It’s been shown that your closest relationships greatly influence you. True to the old proverb “birds of a feather, flock together”, I highly recommend you look around at your network now, I’m not suggesting you ditch your family and friends, simply become aware. Don’t worry though I’ve got your back! When you start the course, you’ll be invited to join the I Kicked Sugar Facebook group, a community exclusively for course members.  It’s a safe space to connect with other members like you who’ve taken the course. There, we discuss important topics from the course and how it all relates to your life.


Do I have to become a militant eater?


No way! I’m certainly not! People hear sugar-free and instantly think you’re a militant health food nut. This course was born out of years of my own experiences where I’ve tried to restrict myself, label myself and put myself into a box with my eating all of which made me unhealthy and miserable. This course does not teach restriction. Trust me, restriction does not work. Life is an ebb and flow as our bodies and mindsets evolve. Life is about leaning into change. This doesn’t mean you’re going to see me downing a box of fancy cupcakes. But if I happen to find myself eating some “healthy treats” such as a piece of 85% dark chocolate or having a slice of homemade peanut butter pie sweetened with organic maple syrup, I don’t judge myself anymore. I am able to walk away without craving more. This comes from the work that I teach in the course. You’ll learn the secret mindset that works by eliminating your impulses to reward, comfort and pleasure yourself with sugar.

$89.00? ! Why so cheap? What’s the catch?


No catch. I’m charging so little because I want this course to be accessible to as many people as possible. I give my whole presence and guidance throughout the course even at this price because this work is my purpose! I sincerely love helping people realize that there is a way out of their current way of living and that they can obtain life long happiness and health.


Can I go at my own pace?


Yes. Although you will have access to all the materials, to use on your device as well as being able to download, save, and print a hard copy (which I strongly suggest), I do recommend to achieve best results you start and finish the course in a timely manner. You want to stay in a certain state of mind while completing the course to have maximum benefit.



What is the time commitment?


Each module contains a lesson, review section and then a task section, which requires you to reflect, go within and do the work. There are also prescribed documentaries and videos to watch and other tasks to do. In order to move onto the next module, I’m very clear that the tasks from each module must be completed before moving on. On average, plan on blocking off an hour to get through the material and tasks of each module. I suggest giving yourself 21 days to complete the course to begin your sugar-free life.



Can I purchase this course for someone else?


Yes! If you have a loved one that you want to help, it’s a wonderful thing to share. However, please remember you can’t change anybody and each person has to find their own way in their own time. Not everyone is ready for change.

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