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Listen let me be clear I LOVE FOOD BUT 74% - 80% of what is being sold on supermarket shelves and in every store is NOT food.
You’re being sold a lie. Seriously when did we start getting so disconnected from real food that we actually feel we are feeding ourselves when we buy a snack standing in the checkout line at Home Depot, JoAnn’s, Staples or a gas station. Girl there ain’t nothing you should be buying at Home Depot that you're putting into your body.
I’ve got news for you that snack is slowly killing you and not just your health, it’s your mental and spiritual psyche.
And yet we're all wondering why we're depressed, fat and sick.
I’m passionate about two things, physical and mental health. And to be clear the two are very interconnected. You can NOT begin to understand and fix one without understanding and fixing the other.
The food we choose to put into our mouth greatly impacts not only our health, and appearance but our energy levels, self-esteem, mood, and our outlook on life.

- joyce

I Kicked Sugar


The real side of sugar and food addiction that NO ONE EVER talks about or tells you about when they're selling you the latest diet, exercise program, or diet food is the MENTAL (psychological) side of addiction.

In order to take control of your unhealthy cravings and eating patterns, you need to get to the root of the problem—your Mind.

I Kicked Sugar is a self-paced 10 module course designed to do over  21 days during which, I instruct you NOT to change anything in your diet. 

Diets fail for people because they never understand or get to the root of WHY they're grabbing unhealthy food in the first place. Relying on willpower and discipline ONLY makes your cravings stronger.

During the course, you are building a foundation bringing awareness to your life. You will learn the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar, the emotions, and circumstances that keep you eating and then finally the way out.

By the time you are done with the 21 days, YOU ARE now equipped and ready to kick sugar for good! Armed with a new identity and mindset, you no longer desire to reward, comfort, or pleasure yourself with sugar and junk food. 

Whether you're wanting to kick your soda habit, morning muffin fix, or you're ready to Kick it all out for good; my course can help. 


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